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PCT AgCloud's Latest Update

PCT AgCloud’s new tools are making it even simpler for in crop spatial solutions The imagery provided from PCT AgCloud’s software delivers Sentinel satellite data to your PCT account regularly. The layers are sliced to your boundaries and can be compared with other map layer types. They can also be utilised as a base to create a prescription for operations such as spraying or spreading or cross referenced with as-applied data to spot differences in paddock scale trials.

PCT AgCloud’s satellite data, when viewed along other data layers can begin to build a powerful insight to crop establishment and the extent of variability, its potential, and therefore some decision-making triggers when applying inputs. Here at Breezy Hill Precision Ag Services, we were recently able to make use of an NDVI map to make a variable rate urea spreading map in a field on the Willowie Plain. Using the Compare Tool, a 2019 protein map and yield map and an NDVI map from this season were all taken into consideration before using the Draw Tool to strategically place rates from 15kg/ha on the heavier areas of the field to 150kg/ha on the highly productive sand. The prescription was easily applied using Orrock Farming’s TopCon display and Bogballe spreader. We are confident the product has been applied where we will see the most profitable result.

If you want to see more about how we can bring these tools to your farming business checkout our product page HERE


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