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Map Processing


Map layers provide a visual representation of your paddock information. This information could range from trial profitability, crop yield and protein, through to soil sensing, pH, EM38 and soil test information. This data is invaluable when it comes to making well informed management decisions for your farming business. 

Breezy Hill Precision Ag Services develops these map layers in our 'Map Processing' service. This uses your collected data from any type of paddock or machine sensor and turns it into an easily viewed and understood map layer. If you haven't collected this data yourself, we can organise our partner Ag Tech Services to capture this information - specific to your project. Once captured we clean it, take out any error data points, and present it in a report that allows you to compare and analyse data and share with your agronomists and specialists. 

All of the types of maps that we provide are listed below: 

  • Boundary creation 

  • EM or Veris or Veris pH 

  • Gamma Radiometrics  

  • Elevation with topographic analysis for Landscape Change, Slope & Depressions

  • Grid Soil  

  • Yield, Yield Revenue, Nutrient Removals 

  • Target, Measured Rate, Variety, Fuel Usage and many others 

  • Product layers, on board weather data 

  • NDVI importing from 3rd parties 

If you'd like an information snapshot of your farming business this year. Contact us to discuss your project needs: 

 Breezy Hill Precision Ag Services provides one off Map Processing for individual projects, trials or analysis

Image by Dimitar Yanchev

“We were very happy with the data processing and lime prescriptions Breezy Hill PAS made for us. The turn around time was quick and the process was simple, the prescription maps were there waiting for me in the machine when I was ready to go. Amazing."

- Mark Swaffer / Farmer - Tumby Bay, SA

This Map Processing service is offered as a one-off individual reporting method, to provide a snapshot of your business for that year with no obligation to continue long term. If you would like to explore the full extent of the AgCloud software and how it can provide critical information year on year, check out our Starter and Pro Packages