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Trial PCT AgCloud in your farming business

See if PCT AgCloud is right for your farm and team... no payment or commitment required

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1 Month FREE

Access to PCT AgCloud

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No Ongoing Commitment Required

By you or your team

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We'll Work With You and Your Team

 To set up and consolidate your data so you can begin making informed decisions

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Australia Wide

We can onboard you wherever you may be

Any Agronomist 
Any Equipment 
Any Hardware

We're independent Precision Ag Consultants. Unaligned with specific hardware, equipment or agronomists.


This allows us to tailor PCT AgCloud to your needs and customise your account to service ONLY the areas you need to address the problems you currently face.


NO bundle deals filled with unnecessary features you'll never use but pay for...  

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Here's what PCT AgCloud can do for you...


Bring your maps to life in a comprehensive, cloud-based software program

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Provide a single, secure, ag data storage facility so you can access your maps anywhere, anytime


Connect the dots – muster up data from different sources, your machines, your agronomist, your soil labs and present them to you ready to use.


Connect your platforms, such as John Deere Operations Centre and Agworld so your maps are available where you need them


Facilitate discussion to help you draw insights and answers from your map data


Make prescriptions easily and send them wirelessly to your ag machinery, or via USB


Design and analyse strip trials to test your rates in the field


Analyse the performance of your crops through profitability maps 


Draw insights into yield limiting factors through the Multi-View tool and the Analytics tools


Create map PDF reports to share with your team 


View and use satellite imagery through the inbuilt and all included Satamap subscription

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Checkout the complete list of what PCT AgCloud is capable of HERE

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Cancel at anytime...

If at anytime during the trial month you feel that PCT AgCloud isn't for you. Just let us know and we'll cancel your plan. No payment required and no questions asked!

We'll do the set up and onboarding

Signing up is easy... Click the button below and fill out the form. 

We'll then reach out and sit down with you and your team and discuss your needs. 


Your PCT AgCloud account will be set up for 1 month with the features outlined in our discussion

We'll consolidate the data from your agronomists, hardware, equipment and input it into AgCloud. 

From there you'll be able to extract any prescriptions, maps, etc required to carry out your goal/s.


Michael Z, Ag Tech Services

A number of our clients use Jess' services at Breezy Hill Precision Ag to manage their farm data. Jess has been able to import their data and give an easy to use platform for them to view the data through PCT AgCloud. A great tool for any farmer to view and store their farm data. 

Beth H, Elders

Jess is an absolute professional in the field of Precision Agriculture and more specifically mapping. She well and truly knows her way around PCT, extracting as much value out of the program as possible for her clients. Jess’ local knowledge and farming lifestyle alongside Joe serves her very well when making prescriptions, with a good grounding in the economics and logistics of farming. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaming up with Jess on various PA projects over the past few years and look forward continuing to work with her moving forward!

Mark S, Farmer

We were very happy with the data processing and lime prescriptions Breezy Hill PAS made for us. The turn around time was quick and the process was simple, the prescription maps were there waiting for me in the machine when I was ready to go. Amazing.

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