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Precision Pro Package

The Precision Pro Package is the complete solution, delivering everything you need to plan for this year's season and beyond! 

Don't have the in-depth data to make information based decisions?

Takes Too Much Time Clock Element - Bree


It takes too long to pull out and view the data you need

Difficult To Use - Hand using Ipad Eleme


Your current software is difficult to use on the fly

No Support - Person on Headphones Elemen


Data manipulation can be confusing and you don't have the support when you need it 

Connectivity Issues Element - Breezy Hil


Your software platforms don't talk to each other and are difficult to connect

Get everything in one place and the support you need to take your farming business to the next level this harvest!

Here at Breezy Hill Precision Ag Services...

We want to provide you with all of the information, analytics, software and support, for you to make informed decisions and build your farming business year on year.


The Precision Pro Package is for those that want to dive even deeper into their spatial data. On top of the satellite imagery, software connectivity and other tools that the Starter Package offers, the Precision Pro Package builds on that to:


  • Collate and clean machine data such as yield, protein and as-applied to produced a full suite of maps (yield, protein, as-applied trial information, EM, pH and in-depth reports)

  • Allows our team to create seeding, spraying and spreading prescriptions with input from your agronomist 

  • Receive prescriptions straight to your machine wirelessly

  • Begins to divide your farm into management zones by layering soil test data information

  • Share this entire suite of maps with your agronomist through AgWorld and John Deere Operations Centre 

Also included in the Starter the Precision Pro Package's is the powerful PCT AgCloud software. This program ensures that you have the very latest tools and software for sophisticated data management and analytical decision making. Built especially for farmers and consultants, with the added comfort of knowing that it's stored securely in the cloud, PCT AgCloud gives you access to your information anywhere, the office or the paddock. 

At a glance the Precision Pro Package will:

Give Access - Software Element - Breezy


Get access to the best AgCloud software on the market with PCT AgCloud

Make It Easy To Compare - Comparing Elem


PCT AgCloud makes it easy to compare and analyse your data + safely store it

Deliver Support - Support Element - Bree


We'll help you implement PCT AgCloud into every part of your business and decision you make

Integrate Other Software - Computer Inte


Integrate your current software and use it alongside PCT AgCloud

Image by Dimitar Yanchev

“We are over the moon with the Advanced Package and the assistance we are receiving from Breezy Hill Precision Ag Services. We are confident we are heading in the right direction with our data, having our data layers off our three harvesters and our soil data in one place where our agronomist can access it. We are very happy."

Ben Wundersitz / Farmer, Anna Binna - Maitland SA

​The Precision Pro Package allowed Maitland Farms to extract precise and valuable information from a pool of data that they had collected over the years through a variety of sensors and machines. Explore how they use Precision Ag year-round to make the best decisions for their farming business. 

Breezy Hill Ag has also used the Precision Pro Package to continuously spot opportunities to improve our triple bottom line year on year. See how we were able to identify frost damaged areas of a pea crop from a profitable outcome. 

See the complete list of what's included in thePrecision Pro Package below: 

So, give us a call if you'd like to see how we can introduce this technology into your farming business:

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